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Staying in touch on your boating holiday

One of the best bits of a boat holiday on the Broads, waterways and canals of the UK is simply getting away from it all, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of daily life and just chilling out with family and friends in the countryside.

However, if you are someone that has to have their iphone surgically removed to head off on holiday and could not possibly contemplate life with out access to the Internet, then don't despair a boat holiday is still for you. There are plenty of ways that you will still be able to use Facebook, contact friends and family.

Mobile phones

Good news, while you may feel cut off from the World on your boat in some peaceful waterway in the countryside, you are likely to still be in range of mobile masts and so your iphone and Blackberry is still likely to get coverage for calls.

And, of course if you do not get a signal where you are at that moment, as you cruise down the river you are likely to find better coverage.

Internet and WiFi

Ok, so most boats do not have built in wifi for your personal Internet use! We would recommend the use of a mobile broadband dongle that is available from the likes of T-Mobile, Orange and Three. These simply plug in to your laptop and will provide Internet access on a pay as you go or pre-paid basis.

Similar to a dongle you can also get a Wireless pointer (from T-Mobile) that would give access to the Internet to everyone on the boat - and all of your gadgets - as it acts as a wireless router.

No signal at all

Of course, if you are desperate to get online and your phones and dongle's are simply not picking up a signal, you always have the option of mooring up at one of the many pubs along the Broads, canal or waterway. You will find many offer Internet wifi services so that you can get online.

As a last resort, you can wander in to the many towns along your holiday route and find Internet services available in shops, cafes, coffee outlets, restaurants and, not forgetting, an Internet cafe.


So a boat holiday really should not be a barrier to staying in touch or enjoying the Internet - the only thing to consider is whether you want the real world to intrude on your peaceful sanctuary.



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